Deluxe King Split Adjustable Bed

Take your sleep to the next level

Whether you’re sleeping, or in bed reading, working on your laptop or watching TV, your adjustable bed can adjust
to provide the support you need, while reducing strain on your neck and back. With a range of additional features
on offer, the New Wave adjustable bed is as functional as it is comfortable and supportive.

Head & Foot Elevation:
Featuring independent head and foot elevation

USB Power Ports:
Connect two USB chargers on each side of the base for powering your most used devices while you relax/sleep.

Wireless Backlit Remote:
Remote illuminates when you begin to use. Makes it easy to use in the dark.

Zero Gravity Preset Position:
One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to promote circulation and relieve pressure.

Under Bed LED Night Lights:
Creates a relaxing atmosphere while lounging. Find your way in the event you must get up in the middle of the night.

Duel Zone Massage feature with 4 intensities to choose from.

Double sided memory foam allows you to choose your firmness between plush to gently firm.
Removable Premium Tencel Cover Easy to zip off and flip to your desired firmness.

Headboard (optional) available

King – Split 184cm x 203cm/ 6′ x 6’8″

10 Year Warranty




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