We offer a diverse range of adjustable beds that are meticulously crafted to provide optimal comfort and support.
Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, Respiratory or Circulation issues, Improve your Sleep Posture
or simply aiming for a more Luxurious Sleep Experience.

Mattress Point has the perfect solution
Our beds come equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to customise your sleeping position with ease,
but you ask, out of all adjustable bed companies, why should I choose Mattress Point as our preferred supplier?
It’s pretty simple really, we work with you, to help you provide the ideal solution for your business or clients.



We can work with you as a third party supplier, as a wholesale partner or even as a consignment partner.



Third Party Suppliers
As a third party provider, like an NDIS or aged care provider, you would be familiar with the features and benefits
of a Mattress Point adjustable bed, and could order from the catalogue to suit. Our team can handle the delivery,
installation and teaching your client how to make the most of an adjustable bed. You would invoice the preferred
organised or client, and we would invoice you. Allowing you to keep the difference.

Wholesale Partners
Our Wholesale partners usually own furniture stores. They have their order delivered to their location, for them
to showcase, sell and deliver to their clients, at their own chosen prices. With this option, you decide the sale
prices, and choose the mark up on each system.

Consignment Partners
Our consignment partners often have boutique furniture outlets, and are supplied with one of our adjustable beds,
to showcase and sell to their customers, They then forward all orders onto us, for us to deliver and install.
Our consignment partners simply get paid a commission on each system, simplifying their sales process,
while keeping their operational costs low.


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